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I have attended Mr. KC's course and he has a simple step by step approach in explaining complicated process in estate planning. I have always enjoyed the practical examples given by him from his extensive experience in the subject."
Unit Trust Consultant, J Han
From Penang
"The course content is engaging and relatable. KC captivates the audience with practical and immersive real life examples ensuring everyone leaves with a profound readiness for a journey in financial well-being."
Jason Y
From Sabah
'I really learned a lot. As I am not from financial background, but with the way KC presented and linked all the pieces together, It makes the lectures easy to understand."
IT Consultant, Leong
From Kuala Lumpur
"Great lecture. Your enthusiasm was infectious. Thank you for a great lecture on estate planning. I really learn a lot."
Financial Adviser Representative, Eunice L
From Johor

“The First in Malaysia!”

For the 1st time in Malaysia, insurance agents, will-writers/estate planners/legacy planners, and CFP/RFP students/graduates who want to acquire PRACTICE KNOWLEDGE of integrated approach to estate planning can now learn through an online practice academy from an industry-recognised Sifu.

At the same time, FINANCIAL CONSUMERS can also empower yourselves by acquiring practical estate planning knowledge from the easy-to-understand Online Video Library of this online Academy. It has a compilation of many Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) collected from numerous CFP students and webinar participants. Answers are presented in clear video format.

Estate Planning Malaysia Online Practice Academy

The time has come for a practice academy to be set up after the birth of financial planning industry in Malaysia 23 years ago. This online practice academy aims to fill the gap in practice management particularly in the practice of estate planning. 

Too often financial consumers thought that will-writing is estate planning.

Water is essential for soup, but soup is more than just water. This perception has been reinforced and exacerbated by product-focused sellers in the market.

It is timely now for agents & advisers to UPGRADE  yourself to become truly client-focused and practise the INTEGRATED approach in estate planning.

Financial consumers who want to know and learn more can also self-educate by subscribing to the courses offered in this Academy.

Introducing our Online Practice Academy's Principal

Lee Khee Chuan - Principal

Lee Khee Chuan is a qualified and passionate guy in promoting the integrated approach to estate planning. His student calls him Sifu Lee.

He is a trainer, practitioner and lecturer in the financial & estate planning industry since 1995. He has much to contribute to the industry with his writing, lecturing, practice and training. His forte is in practice management focusing in the area of estate planning. He brings his many years of practice experiences to this Online Academy and to impart and transfer his knowledge to his students. 

His financial & estate planning articles have been published in:

Why Enrol in Estate Planning Malaysia
"Mr Lee’s vast experience in the industry and his ‘3-Box Solution’ is definitely one of a kind and these integrated methods really help me to ensure that my clients get the best advice when it comes to estate planning. The contents available are also very practical and easily accessible. Since the videos are readily available, I am able to watch at my own pace or even rewatch them whenever I need to. Apart from that, Mr Lee also touched on sales advice and how to handle objections which are very useful. I would recommend all estate planners to join this academy so that we can learn from Mr Lee to provide the best care to our clients. "
Isabel Lau
Unit Trust Consultant, Kuala Lumpur
“ Every time when I am asked about questions from my life insurance clients related to estate planning, I feel that I could not answer them to their satisfaction. I have tried learning the subject through books and searching from internet but the improvement was slow as no one can guide me. I have wanted to learn how the estate planning process works as well as how to do comprehensive will planning for my clients. Thanks a lot to the Academy, I really love the way those courses were prepared, where it starts by highlighting the problems as agents we might overlook, then the videos lessons taught me how to solve those problems. Sifu Lee's teaching is simple, clear, yet detailed, and I love the huge number of examples in this course. The examples are invaluable and help us discover how estate planning strategies are applied to meet the different concerns of my clients. If you have many question on those matters, this course will definitely give you everything you need."
Angel Lee
Life insurance planner, Melaka
The "Estate Planning Course" offered by the Academy, and taught by Sifu Lee, is a comprehensive program and contains practicable knowledge typically sought by not only those interested in estate planning, but also for those who seek to expand their knowledge in this area. The course curriculum contains many gems, and I especially like the unique integrated approach and solutions presented in the course. Overall, the course is a really value for money package, and carries a distinction above other programs in the market today. Sifu Lee and the Academy is doing an excellent job in raising the benchmark for the estate planning industry in Malaysia.
Adrian Lean
Unit trust & PRS consultant, Penang
"Estate planning Malaysia Academy has offered its EP course that is very informative, easy to understand and practical. With videos and 3 boxes explanation on estate planning it made it very easy to understand. Additionally, there is estate planning for business owners/directors, who have not really thought of the inherent risk of business liabilities exposure to the owner/directors that affect their personal estate; personal guarantees that they have signed with banks/creditors for their company borrowing/credit facilities which can significantly affect the net worth of the estate. Mr Lee has also suggested ways to protect the estate from the above example, like setting up a living trust that even an accountant may not have knowledge on this aspect."
Victtor Siew
Chartered Accountant, Kuala Lumpur
FIRST of its kind in Malaysia

Now there is a sifu to help transform agents, CFP/RFP students and graduates to become a true estate planning professional equipped with practical process, skill and knowledge of integrated estate planning

To Develop & Support more Competent Estate Planners

Agents & advisers who are cross-selling life insurance or unit trust products with will, insurance trust, etc., can now learn to practise the integrated approach of estate planning to solve clients problems in comprehensive manner

Integrated Approach to Estate Planning

More and more high Income families are looking for comprehensive & INTEGRATED estate planning SOLUTIONS, more than just bits & pieces of financial products

Client-Focus & not product focus

The courses helps you to become a truly CLIENT-FOCUSED estate planner who can confidently acquire and retain many more high quality clients for long term career success as a financial and estate planner.

Cumulation of FAQs posed by students in CFP Module 2 classes

Online Video Library that comes with practical answers in ready video format which are easy to understand. 

Financial consumers will also benefit tremendously from this LIBRARY

Distilled from 25 years of Research-based, Proven Estate Planning Knowledge

These are the “chicken essence” of estate planning knowledge distilled from many years of field tested and proven sales/advisory process.

Theory vs Application

Many CFPs and RFPs learn about theories on financial and estate planing during their course of study. But the key really is to be able to APPLY the knowledge in real world situations! You will love the Kisah Benar and Case Studies presented in the video-ready and live training sessions

Book vs Practical Knowledge

Many CFP and RFP graduates are good in book knowledge. But there is a GAP between what they know and practice management.

This Academy helps transform yourself into successful PRACTITIONERS in financial & estate planning.

Hands on Approach to training

Kisah Benar and real world case studies are often used in Academy courses to help you APPLY the acquired knowledge from CFP/RFP courses


Comprehensive Learning Materials In VIDEO LIBRARY

24 hours Digital Sifu at your fingertips, collection of numerous FAQs with easy to understand video-ready explanations in the Video Library.

Financial consumers are highly recommended to visit  this Video Library to LEARN MORE about practical estate planning.


You Earn While You Learn

Benefits of such self-paced learning to you

Students can acquire useful estate planning knowledge and concepts in the Online Library as well as video-ready training courses to enhance your skill and competency in recommending suitable insurance, Will and Trust solutions to clients


Helps You Open Into New Markets

Students can learn advanced estate planning practice knowledge to handle clients with more complicated financial and family situations, such as individuals/families with minor children; with adult children; with special need child; with spindrift child; with bankrupt beneficiary; with children from previous marriage; who are Muslim convert, etc.


Save You Precious Time

Shorten your learning curve and master the integrated approach to estate planning in shorter span of time


Helps You Upgrade Your Market

Students can learn and acquire practice knowledge in Integrated Estate Planning to penetrate and confidently handle higher income, higher networth and business owners market

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You Learn at Your Own Pace

Students from different backgrounds and levels of knowledge can learn at your own pace and choose the level which suit your competency. Financial consumers will find 

What will You Learn in this Practice Academy?

strategy, win, to win-1080536.jpg

1. Practical Estate Planning Knowledge

Students can acquire PRACTICAL estate planning knowledge in the Academy Video Library. A lot of your estate planning QUESTIONS will be answered! 

FINANCIAL CONSUMERS can PICK UP VERY USEFUL KNOWLEDGE & learn the practical aspects of estate planning 


2. From Identifying the PROBLEMS to Presenting the INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS to Clients

Students can master the Integrated Estate Planning processThis is a systematic step-by-step process, from identifying PROBLEMS, Fact-finding, to presenting integrated SOLUTIONS model to High Income prospects and clients. Students can learn from pre-recorded estate planning courses and live tutorial sessions with Sifu

Successful students can be expected to competently and confidently do integrated estate planning for families with single or double incomes. 


3. The Right Marketing & Positioning Strategy to Succeed as an Integrated Estate Planner

The right marketing and positioning as an Integrated Estate Planner is CRUCIAL to be successful in Integrated Estate Planning career and practice. 

This is in contrast to just labelling yourself as an estate/legacy planner but are only cross-selling financial products. 

High income individuals are looking for INTEGRATED SOLUTIONSnot bits & pieces of financial products.


4. Advanced Estate Planning process to help Business Owners & Persons with Complicated Family situations

MASTERCLASSES will be offered periodically (with separate fee to be charged) to equip students  advanced knowledge and practice in planning for business owners, professionals and persons with complicated financial and family situations.

Endorsement will be given to students who pass Sifu‘s competency exam to help the Academy graduates earn the credibility, confidence and trust of the higher income and business owners target markets. 

Integrated EP Course Numbers

Live Tutorial Hours
Recorded Video Minutes

Learning Journey Outline

Live Tutorials - The more regular you attend, the more you learn

Periodical sessions in a year. Short estate planning topic for discussion by Sifu Lee; answering students' questions, cases discussions and Kisah Benar.

tablet, frequently asked questions, faqs-5550695.jpg

FAQ Video Ready Format with Answers

This is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) asked by CFP students in the class and by audiences in talks. Each video comes with short clear answer. More will be added gradually.


Integrated Estate Planning Sales/Advisory Process

This is a unique & psychologically proven estate planning sales/advisory process waiting for you to master. It will transform the way you open and close more estate planning cases!