What My Students Say


Our Happy Students!

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible learning journey I experienced with the estate planning academy. As a budding entrepreneur in the estate planning business, I started with minimal knowledge and a lot of uncertainty. However, this academy was a game-changer.

From the moment I enrolled, I was immersed in a wealth of valuable content that covered every aspect of estate planning, from the technical intricacies to the crucial soft skills required in this industry. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, allowing me to grasp complex concepts with ease, and the instructors were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about helping students succeed.

I received personalized guidance and feedback, which boosted my confidence and motivated me to push myself further.

What truly sets this academy apart is its practical approach. Not only did I gain theoretical knowledge, but I was also given real-world case studies and kisah benar. This hands-on experience was crucial in honing my skills and preparing me for real-life scenarios.

Fast forward to today, and I can proudly say that I have gone from ground zero to building a thriving estate planning business. Thanks to the academy and KC. I have not only become proficient in estate planning but have also developed essential soft skills like effective communication, negotiation, and client management.”

Ken L


Jason Tan

Licensed Company Secretary Kuala Lumpur

“It was an absolute pleasure to subscribe to Mr. Lee’s Online Estate Planning video-ready course. Mr Lee has extensive knowledge in estate planning and his expertise was truly impressive, making the complex concepts easily comprehensible. Even the most intricate topics became captivating and engaging under his guidance. As a licensed Company Secretary we always encounter the enquirers from business owners how to plan for the company shares as unplanned/unstructured estate planning would trigger the operations and administrative matters of the company which lead to the disputes among the shareholders and beneficiaries. I strongly encourage the company secretaries & even business owners to subscribe to this online course & attend Mr Lee’s lecturers, it would save you time and hassles pending to get the Grant of Probate/Letter of Administration of deceased shareholders!”

Chia Ling

Unit Trust Consultant Melaka

The Estate Planning Malaysia Academy is informative with practical knowledge. From unit trust background, I have enhanced my knowledge in estate planning and insurance. The well thought out videos/modules curriculum provides insights to many real life questions that we have, such as are we buying the right insurance, are we sufficiently protected, can we really go with peace of mind or are we leaving some (unknown) mess for our family/loved ones, etc. The experience Sifu Lee shared has definitely provided a clearer view of how we can integrate insurance and estate planning to ensure our family and assets are protected. Anyone can understand this program as it is written in layman terms, thus it is suitable even for individuals who just want to learn more for their own benefits. My personal favourite is Estate Planning Avatar Short videos which we can share to clients to promote more awareness about estate planning to the public. In summary, estate planning is not just simple will writing, it is how thorough planning can help clients to overcome the sadness with Peace of Mind. Highly recommended!

I have attended Mr. KC’s course and he has a simple step by step approach in explaining complicated process in estate planning. I have always enjoyed the practical examples given by him from his extensive experience in the subject.”

J Han

Unit Trust Consultant, Penang

Jason Y


“The course content is engaging and relatable. KC captivates the audience with practical and immersive real life examples ensuring everyone leaves with a profound readiness for a journey in financial well-being.”

‘I really learned a lot. As I am not from financial background, but with the way KC presented and linked all the pieces together, It makes the lectures easy to understand.”


IT Manager, Kuala Lumpur

Eunice Loh

Financial Adviser Representative, Johor

“Great lecture. Your enthusiasm was infectious. Thank you for a great lecture on estate planning. I really learn a lot.”

“KC is a very good and professional trainer in estate planning. I like his teaching and sharing of using real life cases to create awareness to the public, the importance in estate planning.”

Winx Lee

Unit Trust Consultant, Penang

Goh Yi Chen

Insurance & Estate Planner, Melaka

Mr. Lee is very experienced and passionate in estate planning industry. His Academy course is very comprehensive, and his experience and practical examples bring more values to the course and help me to understand the process on doing the estate planning. I enjoyed the video session and the advisory process from this Academy 🙂