Individual Support Scheme for estate planners

Helping you to be more profitable in your estate planning career

Individual and dedicated support by Sifu Lee on integrated estate planning. Suitable for Agents/Advisers who prefer or need individual support service on your cases in hand – comprehensive will, trust, life insurance and estate planning cases. 

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About This service

Dedicated support from Sifu Lee on answering your questions and clarifications on integrated estate planning. You can discuss your cases with Sifu Lee in private and get Sifu‘s personalised advice and recommendations on comprehensive will planning, trust planning (testamentary and living trust); life insurance recommendation; integrating the estate plan for your prospects/clients. You can also seek inputs/advice of Sifu Lee on how to approach high income prospects and how to do his/her estate planning (with the chance to secure will, trust, life insurance, jumbo policy, and unit trust fund cases).

Sifu Lee can also be your invited speaker for the will & estate planning awareness talks you organise to help you open into your targeted high income market!