2. Integrated Estate Planning Avatar Video – Providing For Your Young Children

This is one of the many Lee Khee Chuan’s  integrated estate planning avatar videos for students’ use. The video content is adapted from a previously published article by LKC.

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HOW to use this avatar video?

a) Watch it well to grasp the planning concepts and selling points of estate planning  in this avatar video.

b) Copy the link of this video and share through whatsapp/email/social media.

c) Use it to OPEN CASE and follow up on your prospects

Please respect my copyright as the creator of this video and the author of its content by sharing the entire video and do not alter/modify its format or content.



^ I created this avatar video with the intention to educate prospects on the importance of integrated estate planning. NO detailed solution is mentioned. You will notice that it is “Problem Selling” most of the time.

^^ DO NOT share with other agents/will-writers who have not subscribed to my EPM Online Estate Planning ACADEMY. If they like the video, or if you find them sharing my video, please recruit/refer them to subscribe to this online Academy so that you earn the referral fee every year as long as you and your referrals renew the annual fee.

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