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Annual Integrated Estate Planning Course
Integrated Approach to Estate Planning Course RM2600 per year 1st Anniversary SPECIAL OFFER (RM83.00 ONLY Monthly) Limited time offer: RM83 monthly Section1-Personal Coaching/Case Studies Sessions with Sifu Lee Section2-Estate Planning VIDEO LIBRARY (FAQs with answers) Section 3-Integrated Estate Planning Sales/Advisory PROCESS Section 4-Topical Discussions from CFP Lectures Section 5-Estate Planning Awareness Talks (Video-ready format) by Sifu Lee Section 6-Estate Planning Short Avatar Videos (downloadable) Section 7-Previously Published Estate Planning Articles by Sifu Lee (in pdf)
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Individual Support
Individual and dedicated support by Sifu Lee on integrated estate planning. Suitable for Agents/Advisers who prefer or need individual support service on your cases in hand – comprehensive will, trust, life insurance and estate planning cases.  
Individual Support
BRIEF Estate Planning Course
This BRIEF course on will-writing, trust set up and integrated approach to estate planning will benefit inasurance/unit trust agents as well as consumers who do have much background on estate planning. If you have many questions in your mind that you want practical answers with clear explanation, this brief course is FOR YOU.  
Annual Fees-BRIEF Estate Planning Course
Integrated Approach to Estate Planning Course for individual with employment income
This is the most PRACTICAL online personal estate planning course you can find in Malaysia.Many people, both agents/advisers and consumers find that estate planning is complicated. And most estate planning courses and training are technical and not easy to master. As a result many will-writers, estate planners, and licensed financial advisers have good "book knowledge" BUT they are lacking in PRACTICAL knowledge on how to advise their clients.
Annual Fees-Integrated Approach to Estate Planning Course -Employment